Al Ward Ach-Chadhouli By Ahmed Jelmam Monday Mai 28, 2018, Theater Of Regions

The Tariqa Chadhouliya is the most important one in Tunisia and the most widespread throughout the Arab world with regard to its attachment to the religious precepts through the meditation rituals of Aboul-Hassen Achadhouli. To this is added the mausoleum erected on the site of spiritual retreats located on the heights of Tunis and which welcomes every year numerous followers in search of spirituality and rest of the soul. The show draws its references in the Chadhouli heritage with its practices of psalmody, Dhikr and evocation in a beautiful demonstration of the values of tolerance that exist in the songs of Ahmed Jelmam, one of the most illustrious specialists of the spiritual singing of the Arab world.

قد يعجبك ايضا المزيد عن المؤلف