Institute of Translation of Tunis The Cycle: “Evenings of translation: An Interpreter telling his experience of translation”

«I’ve spent forty years of my professional career in translating books, a work that I have assumed with great sacrifices and a lot of passion.” It was in these terms full of emotion that the academic Fatma Lakhdar inaugurated the meeting organized, on Tuesday, May 30, 2018 by the Institute of Translation of Tunis, as part of its cycle: “Evenings of translation: An interpreter telling his experience of translation” in the presence of intellectuals and passionate translation.
Referring to her long career in translating books into the Arabic language, the academic Latifa Lakhdar expressed her love for translation, which represents a noble profession for her. Contrary to the adaptation, which transforms the original text, the translation restores to words their original meanings as they were expressed in the original text which gives it more credibility.
Translation is also a bridge between peoples and civilizations. It participates in the enrichment of human civilizations by promoting openness and sharing, bringing people closer and facilitating the mutual understanding.
But translation suffers from a disability that affects the work of the interpreter and which is inherent for the process of editing and of distribution. In the absence of an efficient industry for publishing and distributing, the translated books will never reach the readers.
Teacher at the Faculty of Letters and Humanities of Manouba, Fatma Lakhdar is the author of several works inspired from the heritage oriented for children and young people. She translated several works of literature from French into Arabic including “Like a rainbow” by Souad Guellouz in addition to other works of lexicology and foreign literature.

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