Projection of the film “Weldi” by Mohammed Ben Attia at the Cannes Film Festival

The Tunisian cinema continues to shine at the 71st session of the Cannes Film Festival, and it was on Sunday May 13. 2018, that the film “Weldi” was projected in the section of “The Directors Fortnight” in the presence of director Mohammed Ben Attia, producer Dora Bouchoucha, executive producer Lina Chaaben Manzli, as well as the actors: Mohamed Dharif, Mona Majri, Zakaria Bin Ayed, Imen Sherif and the technical team.
The film’s reception was exceptional. Critics, filmmakers and film lovers applauded the film after its projection. The discussion with the audience was mainly about thanking the directors of the “Directors Fortnight” for their choice of the film, showing also praise to its producers.
After the movie “Hedi”, winner of two awards at the Berlin Film Festival (best work award and the silver bear for the best actor who went to Majd Moustoura), expectations from Mohammed Ben Attia became greater and he was not too late to make his second film “My Dear”, in which he was trying to go deeper but also kept the solid construction of the “myth” that is not lost in the jamming of dramas, as there is a single dramatic and basic line which can be divided into small lines without losing the basic one.
As in “Hedi”, the actors had to assume the great responsibilities of making such a great film and their great performances are the best witnesses of the good choice made by the Director Mohamed Ben Attia who said that the choice of the actors was not a hard task with the help of Hassan Daldoul, Co-Director, who suggested the actor “Muhammad Dhrif” to perform the major character. Dhrif was a very good choice, since he had the experience of working in the Monastir Radio and has many contributions in television shows, mainlt the series “Ebhath Maana”. In addition to his appearance in the film “Al Sod” (The dam) by Nouri Bouzid. His performance was well received by the audience which applauded him after the end of the film.
Mouna Mejri, who is the mother of actor Majd Mastura (the hero of the film “Hedi”), who is not an actress but who successfully performed in her first experience. Imen Sherif who was suggested by Producer Durra Bouchoucha showed that she was able to make a great creeer in the cinema by the way she performed in the movie.
“My dear” produced by Durra Bouchoucha with the support of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and the National Center for the Cinema and the Image, also had the support of “River Films” of the brothers “Dardeen”, and Mohammed Ben Attia stressed that dealing with the famous filmmakers got easier after the great confidence that was established between the whole team after the film “Hedi” which was produced in contribution with them as well.

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